Tracing Our Historical Footsetps


SAW Ltd is established and begins operations from a 150m2 garage In Għargħur.


The company undertakes its first contract business project for the Henry. J Beans restaurant in St Julian’s.


The business moves to its new 800m2 premises in the Industrial Estate of Ħandaq. The manufacturing team grows and Stephen Azzopardi takes on a more managerial role.


The Product Development department is introduced and SAW takes on its first international project, exporting joinery works to Libya for a hotel and office project.


International exports for Bloomberg and Regus offices in Moscow are completed.


The company moves to its new headquarters with an area of 6000m2 as the team grows to 30 employees. SAW invested in several latest machinery at the time with focus on the finishing process.


Design and production is streamlined as the company shifts its technology system from ACAD to CAD/CAM.


SAW invests in an in-house veneering line, turning raw materials into flexible and customisable finished veneers. During the same year, SAW also invested in other machinery enhancing its output ability and quality of workmanship.


Solar panels are installed to generate natural energy for the running of the factory.


SAW launches an intense exercise in relation to a new growth and diversification strategy.


An automated robot spray processing centre replaces the manual spray process for the majority of the finished material.


SAW expands its current premises by a further 4000m2 reaching an area of 10,000m2 with the majority of the space dedicated to a manufacturing plant. The company headquarters consists of a newly-built sustainable factory, a fully automated manufacturing line and offices housing a team of over 70 individuals.

Established in 1991, SAW has evolved from a one-man workshop into a business partner for bespoke contract furniture. From a company that was set up out of a 150m2 garage, we have now grown into a team of over 70 highly skilled individuals operating from our company headquarters, in Ħandaq Qormi, which covers an area of 10,000m2.


Three decades have witnessed numerous changes unfolding within the company and across the furniture manufacturing sector as a whole. Having begun operating during a time in which the industry was heavily protected by charges on imported products, locally-made furniture was in high demand.


But an innate drive for innovation led SAW’s founder and Managing Director, Stephen Azzopardi, to envision a different path for the future of the company. Thus, SAW became the first local company to bring made-in-Malta products to the contract furniture industry focusing solely on B2B relationships. Nowadays, SAW has become synonymous with some of Malta’s most renowned buildings. From 5-star hotels to restaurants, offices and luxurious residences, we have built a portfolio of high-profile projects and collaborated with a host of respectable clients and designers.

And, while every project is different, our approach is always the same; we put our clients’ needs at the centre of our work. As a result, we consistently work towards offering the highest–quality products, while meeting strict deadlines. Our client–centric approach, adopted during SAW’s infancy, has proven to be one of our enduring strengths, leading us to thrive amid increasing international competition.

We believe that the success that we’ve experienced stems from our ongoing quest for improvement. Every challenge is an opportunity for our team to grow, adapt and anticipate changes, enabling us to become agile and flexible when handling client projects in-house from start to finish. High standards have always been our norm. By investing in education, we ensure that each member of our team is well-informed of the latest trends and developments sweeping the industry. International events are a regular occurrence on our team’s calendar, enabling us to connect with leading international suppliers and build a solid network that we can tap into throughout every project.

Being future-ready also means investing in the latest technology for our operations. Our factory uses a blend of cutting-edge machinery and local carpenters to produce custom-made, unique furniture for each project we undertake. Our factory floor consists of three primary production lines, which process raw veneer, panels and solid wood, together with a dedicated finishing station. The human element remains intrinsic to our work, providing exceptional attention to detail throughout the production process, while the technology we use allows for greater efficiency in maintaining short project timelines and keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum.

At SAW, we are dedicated to innovation and expanding our reach with each new project that we undertake. We invite you to explore our past projects and get a glimpse of what we do as you navigate through the pages of this catalogue.