Our Values and Strengths

At SAW, we create bespoke contract furniture solutions for local and international clients. From technical design, to sourcing, to production, delivery and site installation, each step of the process is handled in-house ensuring quality throughout the project lifecycle. Our local factory enables us to offer flexible, custom-made, high-quality products that are efficient, sustainable and, above all, provide value for investment.


Since 1991, we’ve worked hard on a variety of projects of different scales and scopes, creating custom-made furniture for boutique and 5-star hotels, high-end restaurants, public spaces, luxury residences, offices and retail outlets, both in Malta and overseas. With a 100% completion-to-timeline success rate, our expertise has earned us a reputation as the leading partner and solution for large-scale projects having strict timelines.


Our in-house technical production design department takes care of turning concepts into reality. One of the initial production processes is the creation of manufacturable shop drawings. With the aid of CAD/CAM software, our team translates design concepts into shop drawings, which are then communicated to the latest CNC operated machinery for production.

From planning to installation, our team handles every step of the project in-house. We provide a streamlined experience with support throughout the lifetime of the project and after, with a single point-of-contact to keep projects on track.


We source the latest and most innovative materials and fittings for each project meeting the required technical specifications through our vast international supplier networks. We continuously carry out checks on our supply acquisition chain to ensure all materials and fittings used in the production of our furniture meet these standards.


Our factory is equipped with the latest automated machinery for maximum efficiency and quality. All processes are well studied and, where possible, automated. This ensures high-quality production, without losing our flexibility and ability to offer custom-made solutions.


At SAW, we understand the importance of project timelines in our industry, especially due to our clients’ commitments. We ensure that once a timeline plan is set out, it is adhered to every step of the way in cooperation with other contractors involved in the project. We believe that great coordination is the key to success.